The Ley Hunter 1969-1976
Research and ideas from the early days of ley hunting

1 November 1969 Lead-in: Reappearance of TLH; leys and orthoteny. Practical Hints on Ley Hunting - Jimmy Goddard. The Pattern Puzzle - Paul Screeton. Yugoslav UFOs - Paul Screeton. Flying Saucer Visionary - Paul Screeton. John Michell - A Checklist. Science Fiction section - Frijja versus Aliens. Dragons and Cavemen Supermen - Neil Etterby.
2 December 1969 Lead-in: Orthoteny dispute; science ficion section. Lawrence Moore - BBC film on ancient sites. Reactions to TLH. Etheric Centres - Circumlibra. A Hunter's Tale - Tony Wedd. Science Fiction section - The Man in the Maze. Dragons and Cavemen Supermen concluded.
3 January 1970 Lead-in: Vision, research, questions to answer on leys. The Way, the Truth and the Light - Tony Wedd. Review - The View over Atlantis, by John Michell. A Somerset Ley Hunt - Jimmy Goddard. Leys, pubs and Woolworths (letter) - Jimmy Goddard. Science Fiction section - On the Crest of a New Wave - Paul Screeton. Reviews: The Best of Sci-Fi 5 - Judith Merrill. The Left Hand of Darkness - Ursula K LeGuin.
4 February 1970 Lead-in: Science and mathematics in antiquity; Ian Rodger's research. The Listener - first ley cartoon. Underground literature. Leys to become Respectable? Barbarian brains. Straight Tracks Retraced. Reactions to leys. Comments on TLH. The Presentation of New Discoveries - R.D.Y. Perrett.
5 March 1970 Lead-in: To everything there is a season; Fifty years of Ley Hunting - Philip Heselton; The Path - Tony Wedd; A Lost Net-Work of Ancient Ways - Barbara Crump; The Ley on Which I Live - Circumlibra; Megalithic Mathematics; Letters - Jimmy Goddard and Tony Wedd
6 April 1970 Lead-in: John Williams and SCEMB lines, classification of leys; Beyond Controversy - Allen Watkins; Leys and the Tides of the Day - Circumlibra; Ley Bibliography - Philip Heselton; Stanton Drew Stone Circles, by Gerald Lovell; Letters about Tony Wedd's magnetism debate, Circumlibra's etheric centres, ley reality, nature of leys.
7 May 1970 Lead-in: Terrestrial zodiacs, pop group interest, UFO ley group, Ley Hunter's Manual, statistical probability, orthoteny, Nazca lines, research at Hart. Allotechnology, the Science that got here First - Tony Wedd. Detecting the Power in the Leys - Jimmy Goddard. The Earth Breathes - Circumlibra. The Window Remains Shut (Review of "View over Atlantis") - Kenneth Knight. Bibliography. Letters: Jimmy Goddard on categories of leys, Circumlibra's reply, Tony Wedd on quibbling, Barbara Crump on moles and tides of the day, Philip Heselton on personal criticism, Brinsley Le Poer Trench on lines in Puerto Rico, South Herts UFO group.
8 June 1970 Lead-in: Glyn Daniel and his attacks. Bats, Ghosts, Old Mother Midnight and the Wishing Stone - Paul Screeton. Why Flying Saucers followed the Leys - Philip Rodgers. Leys and Mathematical Probability - Tony Northwood. On Alignments 51/2o South of West through Stones at Fulwood, Sheffield - R.D.Y. Perrett.. Letter: Fred Gardner on SF. Time for the Times to Come Together (TLH anthology). South Herts UFO group. Dark They Were and Golden-Eyed magazine. Magical Mystery Tour (Kingdom of Logres).
9 July 1970 Lead-in: Ley hunting boom period with "View over Atlantis" and "The Ley Hunter", some well known subscribers, Glyn Daniel, nature of leys. A Thousand Miles Apart - Circumlibra. 6o N. of N.E. - Tony Wedd. Farewell to Tony Wedd. Local Antiquities (1) - F.R. Watts. Like a Zeppelin - Paul Screeton. Postscript on Hart Stone. Bibliography - continued from May issue. Corrections to article - R.D.Y. Perrett. Letters - Glyn Daniel on "straight trackers", Allen Watkins on previous articles, Sheila Walker on the magazine, Keith Walker on SF. Mention that Tony Wedd's place on BUFORA symposium on leys and orthotenies will be taken by Philip Heselton.
10 August 1970 Lead-in: Scope of ley associations being tentatively sounded. The Straignt Lines or Leys - Iris Campbell; Divergent Thoughts - Circumlibra; Review - The Occult Sciences of Atlantis; Local Antiquities (2) - F.R. Watts; Notes towards an Understanding of the "Key of the Cosmos" - John F. Neal; Readers' Forum: John Michell on Glyn Daniel, statistical proof and Penwith research.
11 September 1970 Lead-in: Orthodox archaeology, leys and astronomical theories, many subjects associated with leys, article on astroarchaeology in Post Office Electrical Engineers magazine. The Megalithic Plan under the Houses of Parliament - Lyle B. Borst; The Nuthampstead Zodiac, Cambridgeshire - Nigel Pennick; Man's Monuments and the Leys - Ross Nichols; The Meridians of Man - John Wheaton; Major F.C. Tyler Reviewed - Philip Heselton; Bibliography (continued from July issue); Readers' Forum: Dan Butcher on markstone in Ash and associated ley, Elijah and Israel ley; R.D.Y. Perrett on probability; Dr. Oliver Reiser on "Cosmic Humanism"; Michael Heraty asking about leys in Newcastle-under-Lyme and Cheshire; Judy Allen asking about precession; ebb and flow in leys as illustrated by the Hart Stone and its energy effects.
12 October 1970 Lead-in: The "Live" archaeology and its refreshing new approach to the past; Stone Circles and Patterns of Power (report of RILKO meeting) - Jimmy Goddard; Magnetism in Relation to Prehistoric Sites (& Others) - Iris Campbell; Belloc's Ley-Impulse - Allen Watkins; Some Memories of John Foster Forbes - Iris Campbell; A Mysterious Alignment in the Western Desert of Egypt - Dan Butcher; Letters: R.D.Y. Perrett on stones, Michael W. Magee on the Quabalah,
13 November 1970 Front cover: "Reality Test" depiction of a ley. Lead-in: Next month will be report on BUFORA Symposium and evaluation by John Michell and Paul Screeton on propositions to interest professional archaeologists; An Elemental and its Effigy in Stone - Circumlibra; Local Antiquities - F.R. Watts; UFO Chronolog boob and Cos-Mos Journal joke; Redmire - Paul Screeton; Back Copies; I Say I Say I Say, a funny thing happened to me on the way to Stonehenge - Paul Screeton; Quotes: T.C. Lethbridge, Donald Maxwell, Louis Pauwels, Jacques Bergier; Geomancy - Nigel Pennick; Readers' Forum: Paul Bezczyk - Structures in America.
14 December 1970 Lead-in: The TLH Subscribers; One of the Durham Zodiacs - Tom Cole; The (Tentative) Fleet Shot Hill Zodiac - Paul Screeton; The Northern Entrance to the Kingdom of Logres identified? - Kenneth Knight; Celebration of Winter Solstice; Leys and Orthotenies Symposium - Paul Screeton; The View over Ivory Towers (correspondence with Glyn Daniel and other archaeologists); A Ridiculous Episode - John Michell; Conduct Unbecoming - Paul Screeton; Sky Counties/Jesus Christ/UFO - Paul Screeton; Quotes: Donald Maxwell and T.C. Lethbridge.

The subsequent issues will be added over the coming months

The book Seekers of the Linear Vision by Paul Screeton, former editor of The Ley Hunter, is available from the author at £5.95 including postage, from 5, Egton Drive, Seaton Carew, Hartlepool, Cleveland, TS25 2AT.

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